Nappanee United Methodist Church
Wednesday, January 20, 2021
Knowing Christ and Making Christ Known
Sunday Morning Worship
8:00 First Service 
  9:00 Sunday School
10:00 Second Service
Locking It In

Key Verse:

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Hebrews 13:8

Thursday, June 18


Happy the Home When God Is There


Let’s get started with some singing and dancing with our theme song.


Check out our Bible Story


Even though the younger son really messed up, his father still loved him
and was overjoyed when he came home. We sin and that sin separates us
from the Lord, because he is holy and cannot be around sin.  But when we
ask for forgiveness, the sin is completely washed away and the Lord
welcomes us back with open arms.  Jesus Loves!

Other Activities for Today
Jesus Loves Me Video 
Record and send Pastor Kevin a video of you singing and dancing to
“Jesus Loves Me.”  We want to put together a music video of all our
VBS participants! 
Pig Parade
Use the colored dough in your home kit to make a herd of pigs.
According to Jewish law, pigs are an unclean animal. Jewish people
do not eat pork or sausage or bacon. The younger son had sunk so
low that the only job he could find was feeding a herd of animals that he
wasn’t allowed to eat. It was in this moment that he realized that he
needed to return to his father’s home.
Slop the Pigs

Fill your sponge up with water from the bucket and wring it out into the
container (or trough).  You can do this as a relay or solo.  Count how
many trips it takes to fill up the trough.  Share some pictures and let us
know how many trips it took to fill it up!