Nappanee United Methodist Church
Monday, June 05, 2023
Knowing Christ and Making Christ Known

Key Verse:

“So we praise God for the glorious grace He has poured out on us who belong to His dear Son.”

Ephesians 1:6

Monday, June 28


Amazing Grace


Let’s get started with some singing and dancing with our theme song.


He's Got the Whole World in His Hands


Be sure to find and inflate the globe balloon in your home kit so you can
bop it around as you sing “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”. God
created the world and everything in it and God loves His creation. 


Check out our Bible Story


God made people to have a relationship with them, and when Adam and Eve sinned, they separated themselves from God. God keeps on loving us anyway, even though we sin. He still wants a relationship with us. This is our first type of grace, prevenient grace.

Other Activities for Today
Creating Creation
Use the canvas, paint, and brushes to paint your own garden picture. Consider using our scripture verse or the word "grace" in some way.
Snake Bite Game

Let’s get outside for a bit!  We’re going to play a game inspired by that serpent in the garden, Snake Bite.  Get the jump rope from your box and head outside.  One person will hold the jump rope in one hand and everyone else will stand around him/her.  The person with the jump rope will slowly turn in a circle, swinging the rope around the ground and the people on the outside of the circle will jump the rope when it comes to them.  If the rope touches you (Snake Bite!), you’re out.  The last person standing gets to swing the rope next.  For a smaller group, you could count how many jumps before you get out and try to beat it next time.  The spinner could speed up as the game goes along